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Universal Orlando Brings Simpsons’ Home to Life

Springfield, the home town of Fox Television's long-running hit series, will be recreated as part of a park-wide expansion at Universal Studios Orlando.

In his May 2 interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts discussed the consistent performance and strategic positioning of Universal Theme Parks.

That positive sentiment and excitement for what’s ahead was supported last week when Universal Studios announced a slate of site-wide enhancements, including a fully realized expansion of The Simpsons attraction set to open later this year.

The Simpsons Ride has thrilled visitors of Universal Studios since 2008. Now, guests can truly live the Simpsons experience inside the recreated town of Springfield, which has been the backdrop of Fox’s animated hit for over 20 years.

"This will be a must-see experience for Simpsons fans all over the world," said Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative. "For the first time ever, they’re going to be able to enter a world that they’ve only seen on television – and we’re really excited to bring that world to life."

Guests will be able to walk through the streets of Springfield and interact with many of the landmarks they’ll recognize from TV. The expanded Springfield will include a statue of Springfield founder Jebediah Springfield and include the town’s most famous establishments and characters. While strolling Springfield, guests can enjoy a Krusty-certified meat sandwich at Krusty Burger, eat at Lard Lad Donuts, channel their inner nerd at the Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop, and drink a Duff Beer at Moe’s Tavern. 

The newest companion ride will be themed after alien villains Kang & Kodos. The Twirl ‘n’ Hurl promises to take "foolish humans" on an intergalactic spin designed to send them into orbit.  Meanwhile, show favorites Krusty the Clown and Sideshow Bob will be added to the roster of park characters.

The Simpsons expansion represents just one in a series of announced updates for the park.  Transformers: The Ride and Harry Potters Diagon Alley will also be expanding, making this summer a great time to visit.

"The Universal Theme Parks have been a real standout ever since Comcast and NBCUniversal came together and, we see great potential in the years ahead," Roberts said.