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‘Tomorrow Tour’ To Explore The Role Of Entrepreneurship In Growing Tech Cities In 2016

Organized by tech news network & inspired by Comcast NBCUniversal, multi-city event series will explore & document how technology & innovation converge to strengthen cities.

Comcast NBCUniversal and, the network of tech news sites – both headquartered in Philadelphia – announced the Tomorrow Tour, a multi-city event series that will convene entrepreneurs and technology and innovation influencers for a full day of knowledge-sharing to help cities better articulate their innovation stories and improve their economies.

During the Tomorrow Tour, which will initially visit six U.S. cities in the first quarter of 2016, leaders from Comcast NBCUniversal will sit alongside existing and emerging entrepreneurs for discussions about what’s possible when entrepreneurship, technology and innovation converge to create stronger cities. The mission of the Tomorrow Tour aims to:

  • Explore and document how tech and entrepreneur networks are shaping cities of the future;

  • Build and strengthen collaboration across sectors that can fuel startup growth;

  • Celebrate success stories, and identify best practices and areas of opportunity that will strengthen startup ecosystems; and

  • Uncover and amplify the best innovation and technology stories in each market.

"We commend Comcast for being a leader in this area. This is what you want one of the largest media and technology companies in the world to do: convene people who are helping to grow local economies and encourage learning across various cities," said Editorial Director and Cofounder Christopher Wink. "It’s our mission to cover, convene and challenge local communities to make them smarter, and the Tomorrow Tour will be a chance to do that on a national scale."

"Comcast NBCUniversal truly fosters American entrepreneurship in the communities we serve. We are very interested in being able to convene and sit at the table with tech and entrepreneur leaders across the country for these important discussions," said Comcast Chief Business Development Officer Sam Schwartz. "Together with, we will shine a light on the impact entrepreneurship is having in these places, the opportunities for growth, and the doors it can open for anyone from any background."

An afternoon, invite-only summit with leading entrepreneurs and influencers in each city will feature case studies, workshops and panel discussions that explore the labor pool, gaps to success, the inventory of local resources and related topics. An evening networking event will connect leading and emerging entrepreneurs and influencers.

Attendees will include a diverse cross-section of the community from entrepreneurs, technologists and social enterprises to policymakers, new thinkers and educators. In both sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to share their innovation stories and learn from others in their own community; ultimately creating stronger collaborative networks in the cities.

The Tomorrow Tour will visit these cities in the first quarter of 2016:

  • Philadelphia – January 27

  • Denver – February 3

  • Miami – March 2

  • Chicago – March 8

  • Detroit – March 10

  • Atlanta – March 23

These cities were chosen because they represent the diversity of big American cities, are increasingly recognized for their growing technology economies and communities with customers that Comcast serves. Other cities will be considered for future Tomorrow Tour events.

Comcast’s connection to the tech and entrepreneur communities in these cities will not end with the Tomorrow Tour. Comcast NBCUniversal employees in each city will keep the drumbeat going and serve as liaisons between Comcast NBCUniversal and the communities. will also curate an online toolkit with tangible advice, videos and resources from local and national partners. This "how-to-guide" will help startups perfect their pitch by providing best practices and tips for storytelling. It will be a free, value-add for event series attendees, their communities and others.

For more information on how Comcast NBCUniversal supports the next generation of entrepreneurs and to learn more about the Tomorrow Tour, visit