TODAY Unveils Shine A Light

Year-long initiative focused on service and giving back to the community. Viewers are encouraged to share how they plan on getting involved on Facebook or with the hashtag #ShineALight via Twitter.

As we ring in the New Year and reflect on what matters most, TODAY kicks off Shine A Light, a year-long initiative focused on service and giving back to the community.  Tune-in all this week as the TODAY and Weekend TODAY anchors reveal what causes they’ve committed to, and what they plan on doing to empower change and positivity throughout the year. 

This morning on TODAY, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie shared that they want children to have a safe place to play and so they'll work with the community and local organizations to build playgrounds in inner cities. 

For the next twelve months, viewers will be able to track the TODAY and Weekend TODAY anchors’ progress and get information about how they can get involved on a national or local level via http://TODAY.com/ShineALight. Viewers can also share how they're contributing to the causes via a new TODAY Shine a Light Facebook page or on Twitter with the hashtag #ShineALight.