The New NBCNews.com: An Endless Stream of Digital Storytelling

New York, NY

NBC News unveiled on February 5 the new digital home of its award-winning journalism with a major relaunch of NBCNews.com. The new mobile-first website features a continuous stream, responsive design, original video and focus on digital storytelling.

After becoming independent from the joint venture with Microsoft, NBC News conducted extensive research into digital and mobile news consumption habits, and then designed an innovative, mobile-first new format that caters to those needs and behaviors. The new site is faster, cleaner, and more visual, featuring an increased emphasis on original digital-first storytelling, a brand new video player, engaging imagery, and a responsive design.

The new NBCNews.com also features a new vertical focused on original reporting and analysis relevant to the Latino community, and in the next few months will launch an additional vertical dedicated to serving the Asian Pacific Islander community. By integrating these verticals into the main site, that coverage will benefit from greater exposure to the broader NBCNews.com audience and the more significant promotion of the NBCNews.com site.

"NBC News now has a digital presence that is a proper storefront for the best of our journalism," said Deborah Turness, President of NBC News. "The new site doesn’t feel like TV content chopped up for the web -- it is actually born of a seamless collaboration between TV and digital. We’ve already begun the stages of tearing down the walls that traditionally have divided the two operations, and this new stream that we’re launching today is the foundation stone of our future division strategy."

"This is much more than a makeover. We’re changing the way we tell stories," said Gregory Gittrich, NBC News Digital Vice President of News and Product and Executive Editor of NBCNews.com. "This is a full relaunch, from the back-end technology to the unique user experience and design -- all fueled by a totally new content strategy. Our goal is to focus on original journalism, take advantage of the full extent of NBC News resources, and invest in coverage."

Top Features:

  • Infinite scrolling for an endless stream of headlines and news.

  • Mobile-first design that is responsive across all devices.

  • A significant investment in original video, including several new series:

  • "Show Me" -- animated shorts that explain complex numbers and data in a light-hearted, straightforward way.

  • "The Debunker" -- details conventional wisdom and then shows why certain widely-held assumptions don’t stand up to scrutiny.

  • Stories that take many forms -- from standalone images, tweets, or animated gifs; to lists or one-line summaries; to fully produced articles marrying text, video, and photos.

  • Rich imagery, including full-bleed photography, illustrations, and infographics.

  • Emphasis on highly shareable content, including new "Know it All" tip sheet.

  • Increased original reporting from top NBC News anchors and correspondents such as Brian Williams, David Gregory, Chuck Todd, Pete Williams, Andrea Mitchell, and Richard Engel, along with a team of notable digital journalists hired over the past year from The Daily Beast, Now This News, Yahoo News, Slate, among other outlets.