'The More You Know' Motivates Viewers to Take Action

For more than two decades, NBCUniversal’s Emmy Award-winning public service campaign has been raising awareness of the country’s most important social issues and motivating viewers to take action.

NBCUniversal’s The More You Know is the longest running, most comprehensive network public service campaign in the media landscape. In 1989, NBC was the first television network to launch its own public service campaign with an education message featuring NBC News’ Tom Brokaw. The campaign, created in response to the teacher shortage in the late 1980s, was first introduced in an effort to recruit and retain educators.

The More You Know has garnered more than 40 national awards, including the prestigious Emmy and Peabody Awards.

Since its inception, The More You Know’s objective has remained the same: provide viewers with critical information that can improve their lives and the world we live in.