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Telemundo Pays Tribute to the Best in Mexican Music Oct. 9

Miami, FL

When an entire awards show is dedicated to the musical sounds of one country, it speaks to the richness of its culture as well as its history. This is why Telemundo selected Hispanic Heritage Month to broadcast the 2013 Billboard Mexican Music Awards and pay tribute to the unique music genres that are deep rooted within the Mexican community, including Banda, Norteño, Ranchero, Mariachi, Duranguense, Grupero and Cumbia Music.

The 2013 Billboard Mexican Music Awards, the only awards show on a major network that honors Mexican music, will broadcast live on Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 7pm/6c from the legendary Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. Joan Sebastian, Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga, Gerardo Ortiz, Roberto Tapia, Banda Los Recoditos, Julion Alvarez y su Norteño Banda, Calibre 50, Los Inquietos del Norte, and Roberto Junior y su Bandeño will perform at the prestigious awards show. Additional information of the 2013 Billboard Mexican Music Awards can be found at Fans can also follow the awards on social media at and, or join the conversation at #BillboardsMX. Tickets for the event are now on sale through

The first line-up of performers for the 2013 Billboard Mexican Music Awards is now confirmed and includes leading Regional Mexican singer/songwriter, Joan Sebastian; 75-year-old iconic Banda group, Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga; 14-time finalist, multi-platinum selling artist, Gerardo Ortiz; recent coach on Telemundo’s La Voz Kids and leading Banda music man, Roberto Tapia; successful youth oriented Banda group, Banda Los Recoditos; leading exponent of the fusion of Banda and Norteño music, Julion Alvarez y su Norteño Banda; popular Corrido quartet from Sinaloa, Calibre 50; originally from Guadalajara but successful in both Mexico and the United States, Los Inquietos del Norte; and Banda and Norteño group Roberto Junior y Su Bandeño.

The Billboard Mexican Music Awards will be preceded by Billboard En Concierto, the invitation-only concert series, which will feature performances by Roberto Tapia on October 3 in Houston ( and October 4 in Dallas (, and by Calibre 50 on October 8 in Los Angeles ( For information on how to secure invitations to these exclusive events, fans may visit their local station’s website

Through today’s most popular artists, Banda, Norteño, Ranchero, Mariachi, Duranguense, Grupero and Cumbia music is interpreted throughout the U.S. and will be honored on October 9th, but its origins go much further back. Mariachi is perhaps Mexico’s gift to the world. It began in the nineteenth century in and around Jalisco as a version of the Spanish theatrical orchestra of violins, harp and guitars. The principal music played by early Mariachis was the Son, a mixture of folk traditions from Spain, Mexico, and Africa. Mariachi music is not just music to be played and sung, from the very start it was music to be danced. In 2012, UNESCO officially awarded recognition to Mexican mariachi music as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Vicente Fernandez, Ana Gabriel, Lucero, Joan Sebastian and Pepe Aguilar are among the finalists in Ranchero/Mariachi categories.

Originating in the northern Mexican state of Sinaloa, Banda music is characterized by the large ensemble of uniformly dressed musicians and the notable sound of the tambora serving as the bass note and rhythmic undertone. The large and colorful bands dancing to the tambora beat are a cultural staple in Mexico and the United States. The late Jenni Rivera, Roberto Tapia, Banda el Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga and La Arrolladora Banda el Limón de René Camacho are finalists in various Banda categories.

Norteño is one of the popular forms of music in both urban and rural areas of northern Mexico with the accordion as the signature instrument. Since the early 20th century, Norteño bands played corridos, ballads that have narrated the political and popular issues as well as celebrate great deeds and heroic feats. Over time, the themes of corridos evolved to reflect the Mexican experience north of the border, especially the immigrant experience. Finalists in Norteño categories include Gerardo Ortiz, Noel Torres, Voz de Mando, Pesado, Intocable and Calibre 50.

Duranguense music originated in the United States, and it is closely related to Banda and Norteño with the addition of synthesizers to play both melodies and the tuba bass line with a faster tempo and a distinct dance step. Grupero is a genre of Mexican folk music influenced by Cumbia, Norteño, and Ranchera, popular especially in rural areas. The music has roots in the rock groups of the 1960s, consisting of five or fewer musicians using electric guitars, keyboards and drums. Cumbia originated in Colombia but when musician Luis Carlos Meyer Castandet and Aniceto Molina immigrated to Mexico three decades apart, they brought with them the Cumbia sounds that quickly became a dance staple throughout Mexico. The three rhythmic genres of Duranguense, Grupero and Cumbia are grouped together, and El Trono de México, Roberto Junior y Su Bandeño, Tierra Cali, Conjunto Primavera, Los Temerarios and 3BallMTY are among the finalists.

"Regional Mexican music is the top-selling genre of Latin music in the United States. It’s a rich, incredibly diverse genre with dynamic acts in a multitude of sub-genres: Norteño, Banda, Grupero, Mariachi, the list goes on and on. Billboard is immensely proud to lead the celebration of the top artists and music in the genre," said Leila Cobo,  Executive Director for Latin Content and Programming at Billboard.

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