Spotlight Surpasses 2,500 Interactive Advertising Campaigns

For advertisers of all types and sizes, the ability to bring the “lean forward” aspects of the Internet to television opens up opportunities to connect one-to-one with customers in new ways.

Through interactive television (iTV) advertising campaigns, we’re able to deliver a similar experiences through spot television advertising. 

To date, Comcast Spotlight has run more than 2,500 iTV campaigns on behalf of our clients. Collectively, that means billions of consumer impressions across our 17-million-home footprint, including campaigns that have run throughout multiple markets and those from local-market advertisers. 

iTV takes a traditional 30-second TV commercial and adds an overlay, or prompt, to the screen during the message. By using a remote control to click on the message, viewers can take a number of actions, such as requesting a coupon, DVD, product sample, phone call or email from the advertiser; watching a longer video from the advertiser, which may be entertainment content or more information about the product or service; or setting a reminder or DVR recording for a particular TV show. 

This innovation in advertising has led to a more valuable experience for marketers, which now benefit from more qualified customer leads, more time spent with their content, and, for television programmers, more measurable viewer data. It’s a big step forward from the days of relying solely on ratings to evaluate the success of a campaign. Now advertisers can understand, day by day, how a specific offer is resonating with their target audience and make adjustments along the way. 

In the coming months, Comcast Spotlight will unveil some new enhancements to our iTV advertising platform that we believe will make it a more powerful tool for forward-thinking marketers. For additional information on the platform, visit www.comcastspotlight.com.