X1 Remote Control App: A New Chapter in TV Viewing

The TV remote control certainly has come a long way since it first hit American homes in the 1950s, when it was connected by a wire to the television.

Sixty-plus years after it first landed in the hands of viewers, the TV remote is now the ultimate daily convenience for viewers. In fact, when it’s misplaced, we go to great lengths to find it, traveling to the depths of our couches in search of our favorite viewing partner.

We, as consumers, have also evolved over the years. Some of us even fancy ourselves masters of channel surfing, as evidenced by the 7 million downloads of the Xfinity TV apps.

Our engineers at Comcast Labs are currently writing a new chapter in TV remote control history. Comcast’s X1 Platform, an entirely new pioneering user experience that looks and feels a lot like our websites and apps, but on the TV, has a new companion: the X1 remote control app. This app completely changes the dynamic of the traditional remote control, creating a whole new experience between the TV and customers’ devices. 

With the swipe of a finger, the X1 remote control app transforms iPhones, iPod touches and iPads into personal entertainment assistants. Using motion and gesture controls, viewers can seamlessly find what to watch on live TV and Xfinity On Demand. A simple shake of their device pauses programs on the TV. Filters and the device’s keyboard find shows and movies faster than ever before. Plus, the app lets users interact on the TV with social media tools and apps, such as news, weather, sports, Facebook, Pandora and Twitter.

Comcast Labs’ engineers will continue to bring viewers new features like voice controls on the X1 remote control app, along with new products and services that enhance entertainment viewing. As far as losing your remote under the couch cushion? We’ll continue to work on that one, too.

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