Customer Experience

Self-Installation Creates Eco-Friendly Convenience

Comcast Self-Installation is not only a simplified way for customers to enable cable, voice and Internet services at home but is helping Comcast to make big strides in reducing its overall environmental footprint.

Over the last few years self-installation has become a more popular way for consumers to connect their in-home services. In fact, over 20 percent of all new connects to Comcast cable are self-installations. Eco-friendly self-installation kits not only deliver a better and easier user-experience, but also feature significantly reduced packaging, green-minded printing and 100 percent recyclable materials.

"Ramping up our focus on self-install kits is all part of our commitment to quality, to improving the customer experience, to innovation in process improvement and to protecting the environment," said Ronni Caromano, Senior Manager of Self-Installation Operations.

This focus on self-installation has enabled us to achieve two of our most important sustainability goals: increasing energy efficiency for customers in the home and reducing energy usage in our business operations.

Thousands of self-install kits ship from six warehouses every day to customers around the country. Many customers order more than one kit to support the multiple televisions and computers they operate under one roof. And every successful self-installation means one less Comcast Cable truck dispatched to a customer’s home — approximately 1 million fewer trips in 2011 — reducing fuel usage and harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Self-installation is just one example and we are committed to developing additional processes and partnerships that allow us to deliver our services in more sustainable-minded ways well into the future.