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NBC News Adds NBCBLK to Diverse News Verticals

NBCBLK, designed to super-serve the African American news audience, was launched in early 2015, and joins the Latino and Asian American diverse news verticals on NBCNews.com.

NBCBLK provides comprehensive digital news and coverage and information, leveraging the power and scope of NBCNews.com to reach a large and engaged audience.

"I’m excited to bring new voices to NBCNews.com, from millennials with a passion and talent for original storytelling, to veteran reporters that can really elevate a news story," said Amber Payne, NBCBLK’s Managing Editor. "I have writers from Denver to Denmark because the ‘BLK perspective’ is global. We are children of immigrants, we are multiracial, we are multicultural."

"We’re developing partnerships with nonprofits, freelancers, and foundations to bring important stories that expand on America's conversation about black identity, social issues, and culture. We hope our stories engage, inspire, and inform communities of color."

Previously a 10-year veteran producer of NBC Nightly News, Amber will also focus on original video. "The response has been tremendous on video. From a conversation with Beyonce’s drummer to a Baltimore barber, to fathers and sons discussing the way they engage with the police, we are bringing a new perspective."

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