NBC News Focuses the Nation on Education

Education Nation is the NBC News initiative designed to engage the country in a solutions-focused conversation about the state of education in America.

In September 2010, NBC News hosted its first Education Nation Summit in New York City, where parents, educators and students met with leaders in politics, business and technology to explore the challenges and opportunities in education today. Rockefeller Plaza was transformed into a public-facing "Learning Plaza," a series of interactive galleries meant to engage, inform and inspire our visitors, and during the entire week of September 26, all NBC News platforms broadcast in-depth reporting on education issues.

Since then, NBC News has continued its commitment to engage policymakers and the public through persistent coverage on the state of education across all of its on air and online platforms and through our Education Nation events, including the "On-the-Road" tour in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta and Miami — where NBC hosted an informed dialogue on critical issues facing local school systems in those communities. The 2012 national summit focused on real solutions and included participation by both U.S. presidential candidates, governors, mayors, top leaders in business and education, as well as the first annual Student Town Hall.