NAMIC Salutes Comcast and NBCUniversal with 19 EMMA Awards

Comcast and NBCUniversal's commitment to creating diverse marketing campaigns that are innovative, impactful, and relevant to audiences across the country and beyond aren’t going unnoticed.

The National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) announced Comcast and NBCUniversal, parent company of Telemundo, among its 2014 Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA) winners, with a combined 13 top awards spanning marketing tactics for the following projects:

  • XFINITY (Bicultural Hispanic)- Because I Can, Marketing Tactics, Television, 1st place

  • XFINITY Internet - On a Mission, Case Studies/Campaigns, 1st place

  • XFINITY 2013 LGBT Pride, Marketing Tactics, Digital, 1st place

  • XFINITY African American Acquisition Initiative- Unwrap the Magic Print, Marketing Tactics, Print, 1st place

  • XFINITY African American Acquisition Initiative- Unwrap the Magic Radio, Marketing Tactics, Radio, 1st place

  • XFINITY Celebrate Black TV Scandal Party, Marketing Tactics, Social Media, 1st place

  • XFINITY Latino Facebook, Marketing Tactics, Social Media, 2nd place

  • XFINITY February Shared Mail Share Mail, Marketing Tactics, All Other Media, 2nd place

  • XFINITY February Shared Mail Share Mail, Marketing Tactics, Direct Mail, 3rd place

  • Comcast Celebrates Black History Month, Case Studies/Campaigns, 3rd place tie

  • NBCUniversal Hispanic Enterprises & Content - Allstate - Mala Suerte, Case Studies/Campaigns, 1st place tie

  • NBCUniversal Hispanic Enterprises & Content - Target - #AsiFestejoYo, Case Studies/Campaigns, 2nd place

  • Telemundo Network - El Senior de los Cielos Consumer Tour, Grassroots, 2nd place

Comcast also received six additional EMMA awards for their innovative and impactful international marketing efforts.

  • Bring more Brazil home with XFINITY, Marketing Tactics, Direct Mail, 2nd place

  • Bring more Brazil home with XFINITY, Marketing Tactics, Grassroots, 2nd place

  • APA Diwali Event, Marketing Tactics, Diversity Awareness, 3rd place

  • Russian Grassroots Marketing, Marketing Tactics, Grassroots, 3rd place

  • TFC Free Preview on XFINITY, Marketing Tactics, Print, 3rd place

  • Balikbayan/Repatriate Box Promotion, Marketing Tactics, Grassroots, 3rd place

NAMIC EMMA recognizes outstanding marketing efforts designed to attract and retain ethnically diverse audiences and customers including African American, Asian, Hispanic, and LGBT market segments.  The competition is comprised of two elements: case studies and marketing tactics.  Industry marketing experts selected by NAMIC evaluated entries based on innovation strategy, strength of execution against the strategy, implementation, and results. 

"At Comcast, we are committed to building meaningful long-term relationships with multicultural audiences," said Greg Butz, Comcast Cable EVP Sales and Marketing Operations.  "We are proud that our work has been praised for its creative, strategic and innovative approach. We’re now considered to have some of the best practices in multicultural marketing. These industry recognitions contribute to our overall Sales & Marketing organization’s goal of building a world-class marketing organization and delivering great work on every campaign."  

As of August 2014, the team received a total of 31 industry awards and recognition from various organizations, including: NAMIC EMMA, 2014 Communicator Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, and CableFAX 2014 FAXIES Awards for multicultural marketing campaigns targeting Hispanic, African American, LGBT and International market segments.