MSNBC Notches Dayside and Primetime Ratings Highs

New York, NY

MSNBC dayside programming is up 166 percent in A25-54. The network also marked its best primetime performance since December 2012. The network grew 125 percent in A25-54 and 72 percent in total viewers. (Photo: AP Images)

Since revamping its dayside schedule to focus on breaking news, MSNBC has seen a significant uptick in the ratings. For the month of February 2016, the network posted record-setting growth in this key daypart and Morning Joe had its biggest win over CNN since 2014.

Despite the dayside shift still being in its early days, the Place for Politics showed tremendous year over year growth compared to Fox News and CNN. For Monday-Friday dayside programming (9a-5p), MSNBC was up 166 percent over February 2015, while CNN was down 2 percent and Fox News was up 10 percent. With total viewers, MSNBC also posted higher growth than the competition over last year.  MSNBC was up 95 percent, compared to CNN at 12 percent and Fox News at 7 percent. Through February 2016, MSNBC dayside has seen an increase in A25-54 ratings for nine consecutive months and for three consecutive months in total viewers. February 2016 was the highest rated month for MSNBC Monday-Friday dayside programming since October 2013.

For the month, "Morning Joe" easily beat CNN and had its best month overall since October 2013. In A25-54, Morning Joe posted the biggest win over CNN since February 2014 (155,000 vs. 125,000). The program was up 96 percent in A25-54 and up 87 percent in total viewers compared to CNN. New Day on CNN was down 5 percent in A25-54 and up 10 percent in total viewers. Morning Joe has topped CNN in total viewers for 12 consecutive months (613,000 vs. 427,000) and the program has seen four consecutive months of ratings growth among A2554.

"These numbers reinforce that Morning Joe continues to be the most influential morning news show on television," said Phil Griffin, President, MSNBC. "Joe and Mika’s hard work and political instincts have driven the show’s success. They kick off each day of this election cycle with a smart, fresh take. Candidates know they’ll be asked substantive questions and the show has real impact. Viewers know Joe and Mika hold candidates accountable and push them beyond their talking points."

MSNBC had its best primetime (Monday-Friday 8-11p) performance since December 2012. The network grew 125 percent in A25-54 and 72 percent in total viewers. The Rachel Maddow Show topped CNN for the month in A25-54 and total viewers during non-debate nights. In A25-54, the program grew 91 percent and topped CNN (273,000 vs. 235,000). In total viewers the show grew 42 percent and beat CNN (1,145,000 vs. 790,000). Hardball with Chris Matthews was No. 2 for the month in total viewers and grew 32 percent. The program beat CNN (925,000 vs. 813,000). The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell beat CNN (936,000 vs. 696,000) and was No. 2 in total viewers.