Maggie McLean Suniewick: Unlocking the Power of the Comcast NBCUniversal Partnership in Sochi

On the eve of the Sochi Games, we caught up with Maggie McLean Suniewick, who serves as Senior Vice President, Strategic Integration, Comcast NBCUniversal, where she is responsible for spearheading key "symphony" initiatives across NBCUniversal’s entire portfolio and with Comcast Corporation.

What is it about the Olympics that showcases the power of the Comcast NBCU partnership?

Maggie McLean Suniewick: I think the Olympics is the perfect event to showcase Comcast's leadership in innovation and technology with the best content out there - NBCUniversal's unprecedented coverage of a Winter Olympics. It's live, it's On Demand, it's everywhere - it's the perfect partnership.

What are some of the specific ways that Comcast and NBCU are working together?

Maggie McLean Suniewick: The companies have worked together to (1) make the sign-in process as easy as possible (2) provide access to an unbelievable library of content (over 1000 hours of live and taped footage) and (3) make the content available on more platforms than ever.

What’s different now vs. London?

Maggie McLean Suniewick: The feature that I am most excited about is the availability of NBCUniversal's Live Extra app on Comcast's X1 platform. For the first time, subscribers will be able to access every second of the action on all screens - PC, mobile, and now TV.

What surprised you most about the way people experiences London and what do you expect in Sochi?

Maggie McLean Suniewick: People were voracious consumers of content across all platforms in London - myself included! For the first time, people could watch live coverage of the Olympics all day while at work, on the road, etc. I expect to see even more in Sochi. I think that social will be even bigger this year.

What’s your favorite event and what’s an event you don’t like to admit you enjoy?

Maggie McLean Suniewick: Tough call. I think I'll go with snowboarding. Little known fact: I actually played Ice Hockey in high school, so I love that sport too. Nothing that I don't like to admit - I like all of it. Luge, Bobsled and Curling I find to be highly entertaining and I give major props to the athletes that have dedicated their lives to these sports.