How XFINITY Customers and Content Providers Benefit from Bankable Programming

bankableadj. television series status where every episode of the current season is available on Xfinity On Demand.

Watching an entire current season of a TV show used to require setting recordings week after week. Now, to make catching up easier for fans, more networks are banking the current season on Xfinity On Demand than ever before.  Missed an entire month’s worth of Homeland? Go back five weeks. New to catching on to Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Start from the season’s first episode. The entire season is in the bank with Xfinity On Demand.

The film industry has long referred to stars being bankable, meaning an actor in a movie guarantees profitability. That notion of profitability rings true in the TV industry, too, where the show’s the star. At Comcast, we have seen a show’s success rise by making it bankable on Xfinity On Demand. In fact, NBC’s Grimm had a 58 percent jump in C3 ratings last fall among Xfinity TV subscribers compared to its performance across the country. Having the full current season available to watch on Xfinity On Demand enables a show to build its fan base and add new audience as the season progresses, which ultimately increases the show’s ratings.

Bankable programming is a win-win for Xfinity TV customers and the networks that create the content they love. For the networks, bankable shows are another way to maintain a stable television industry, especially with continued improvements of advertising on this platform, from dynamic ad insertion to ODCR. For Xfinity TV customers, banked programming allows them to catch up on shows that are being buzzed about online or at the office and keep up to join in on the conversation. Comcast is giving Xfinity TV customers exactly what they want. Every show, every network, anytime, anywhere. And you can take that to the bank.