The Xfinity Voice Remote.

How to Make Voice Guided TV a Reality Using a Remote Control

X1 users will soon be able to access a first-of-its-kind, voice-enabled television interface, a solution that will revolutionize the way users, especially those with visual impairments, navigate the X1 platform. The "talking guide" features a female voice that reads aloud selections, such as program titles, network names and time slots, as well as DVR and On Demand settings. Enabling the enhancement is simple:

Click "A" to open X1's help menu.
With the help menu open, click "A" once again to access the Voice Guidance shortcut. Arrow right then press "OK" on your remote to toggle on X1's talking guide. (Tip: This is also the fasted way to disable Voice Guidance)
Voice Guidance is now activated. Sighted users will observe an on-screen notification. All users will immediately begin to hear channel names, TV show and movie titles and DVR commands read aloud.
The "A" hot button is the quickest way to enable Voice Guidance, but it's not the only way. We've added a new "Accessibility Settings" section to our X1 Setting menu where users can access X1's full slate of accessibility enhancements.
X1's "Accessibility Settings" is the place to control the platform's full offering of enhancements for visual and hearing impaired users, including Voice Guidance. Arrow down to Voice Guidance to toggle the feature on and off.