How to Experience the Olympics Like a Champ with Xfinity X1

Watch every event live, on any screen with Xfinity X1. With the X1 Sports app, powered with NBC Olympics' unprecedented coverage, you can keep track of the medal counts, schedules, real-time stats and more - right from your TV while watching another event. Here's a look at what X1 customers can do during the Games of the XXXI Olympiad.

front row to rio


  • This ultimate Olympics destination unites all of NBCUniversal’s award-winning Olympics coverage, seamlessly blending more than 6,000 hours of live, on demand and online streaming content.

  • Users can access Front Row to Rio from the main menu or Xfinity On Demand sections of the guide, under "TV" and "Sports."

"We’re bringing in Internet content. We’re bringing in live data feeds. We’re creating an immersive experience that allows you to watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, how you want to watch it." - Keith Vachris, Executive Director of Product Management at Comcast


main menu


  • The updated menu provides easy, instant access to real-time Olympics coverage as well as Front Row to Rio, personalized content and even new tips and tricks on X1.

  • Users can access the menu by pressing the Xfinity key.

"When you first bring up the Xfinity menu, you’ll actually have all this content, some editorial, some algorithmic, some recordation-based, and some personalized that will draw you further into finding all of the Olympics content that you want." - Sree Kotay, Chief Technology Officer at Comcast



  • For the first time, all of the online streaming content from the NBC Sports app will be integrated into the X1 experience for viewers to easily search, discover and tune in.

"Instead of watching a primetime show and having it cut between three different events, you can watch three hours of kayaking or three hours of skeet shooting, if that’s what you like. And we’re going to make that choice yours." - Hong Kwon, Product Manager at Comcast




  • Viewers can favorite athletes, teams and nations, providing a "bookmark" for quick and easy access to the content they care about most.

"Let’s say you’re a big fan of Brazilian soccer. You can follow the Brazilian team on X1, and then any time you go into your saved area, it is right there for you." - Vito Forlenza, Senior Director of TV Everywhere Content & Product Strategy at Comcast


must see moments


  • We’ve created daily real-time notifications for marquee Olympic events, curated in partnership with NBC.

  • Customers can sign up during the Olympic trials via the X1 Sports app or Front Row to Rio.

  • The notifications are available on-screen on your X1 or via mobile phone (SMS).

"You can see these alerts up to three times a day telling you, ‘Hey, you should watch this.’ [...] Something like [...] Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky jumping into the pool, […] [you will] see it rather than putting in a lot of effort into finding it." - Francisco Niebres, Senior Manager of Product at Comcast


x1 sports app


  • This first-of-its-kind Olympics companion TV experience enables users to search and explore the latest medal counts, live results and scores, and real-time stats for all events.

  • Viewers can browse all live and online-streamed programming schedules, tune to any event, or watch the latest highlights on demand.

"Not only can you be watching an amazing event, but [you can] get all the extra detail around it. You can see what’s coming up, you can see how people are training, you can look at the gold medal count. There are so many things that really let you dig into the Olympics at whichever level you want and really make it personal to you." - Chris Satchell, Chief Product Officer at Comcast


rio guide


  • Viewers can quickly find live Olympics programming by clicking the "Guide" button twice and selecting "Rio 2016" for live listings.

  • The guide includes Olympics programming currently airing on NBC, NBC Sports Network, Bravo, CNBC, Golf Channel, MSNBC, NBC Universo, Telemundo, and USA Network.


voice search


  • The X1 voice remote lets viewers quickly and easily search, discover and navigate the entire Olympics experience with just the sound of their voice.

  • We’ve added over 1,500 new voice commands for the Rio Olympics, with approximately 100 more being added each day of the Games.

  • Users can ask questions like, "How old is Gabby Douglas?", "What is a Tsukahara?", and "What is the medal count?" or give commands like, "Follow team USA" and "Favorite Michael Phelps."

"I like asking about some of the historical facts about the Olympics. You can ask, ‘When did Caitlyn Jenner win a gold medal?’ Those kinds of things just take you back to the fun moments in history with the Olympics." - Jeanine Heck, Executive Director of Product Team at Comcast


video description


  • Blind or visually impaired customers can enjoy every episode of NBC’s primetime show live with video description.

  • Users can independently navigate the entire Olympics experience via Comcast’s industry-leading talking guide, which speaks channel names and numbers, guides users through the X1 experience and announces on-screen program details such as Rotten Tomatoes and Common Sense Media ratings.


video description


  • In addition to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, every episode of the full NBC Primetime show and Telemundo late night shows will be available the next day on Xfinity On Demand, with the flexibility to view particular segments or the entire show.


language options


  • X1 customers will not only be able to navigate their entire Olympics experience via the Spanish guide, but they will also have the option to enjoy the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in either English or Spanish.


viewing options


  • Viewers can choose how to watch events with multiple viewing options, such as those with multiple broadcasts or live streams.

  • For events airing on both NBC and Telemundo, Spanish-speaking viewers can choose to watch on Telemundo to follow the event in Spanish.

"One of the coolest features this year is that you can actually pick your own view. So on the gymnastics apparatus, you can shift your camera view to show you the uneven bars, to show you the floor exercise, and pivot around to any view that you might want to see in the arena at that time." - Susan Stolting, Technology and Product Project Manager for Rio Olympics at Comcast