Employee Spotlight

Ebony Lee: Harvard MBA Develops Next Gen Solutions

Ebony Lee, Senior Vice President Strategic of Development at Comcast Cable, talks about innovation, the Comcast culture and how Comcast is enabling our customers to consume and control their content, anytime, anywhere.

On Working in Strategy:

We are always pushing the envelope at Comcast, and part of my job has been to develop the business case around new, innovative products, platforms and technologies and why they are important for Comcast, our customers and our industry. I also help bring these ideas to life by working across the company with groups like product development, government affairs and content acquisition to make sure we shape and build the right business requirements into our next-gen products and platforms. And I work with our stakeholders — inside and outside the company — on developing solid road maps and plans to make sure we continue innovating in new areas.

On the Benefits of Working for Comcast:

I would say diversity of opportunity. There is always room for growth and development, because the company is always growing and developing. And reach. Comcast’s products and services are available to millions of people across the country. When we are building something new, we get to share that with a huge audience and really help shape the future of our industry.

On Culture:

What I love most about Comcast is the people. The people who work here are super smart, committed, hardworking and solution-oriented. They are also really nice, which I know is a cliché, but it’s true.

The organization and culture at Comcast feels very different than anywhere else I have worked. We have approximately 136,000 people working at Comcast today, yet the organization feels extremely flat. I never had access to the CEO at my previous jobs. At Comcast, the executive team is genuinely interested in what I am working on. You are encouraged to throw out ideas and to voice dissent when you disagree — it’s a really unique work environment and I feel lucky to have found it.

On Comcast in Five Words or Less: 

Innovative. Leader. Risk-taker. Collegial.

On Pride:

One of my proudest moments was when our Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts presented X1 at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association Cable Show in May 2011. It was the first public debut of X1, our cloud-based Entertainment Operating System. There were only three of us backstage with Brian as he prepared to go onstage. I remember thinking, "Wow, how cool is it that I am one of three people standing here with the CEO." I also remember thinking, "Please let this demo go well." Brian was terrific and the demo was a success. After months of hard work, I didn’t think that moment could get any better — until I saw Oprah backstage and got a picture with her.

On Why a Recent Grad Would Choose Comcast:

I would say choice and opportunity. Since I joined Comcast in 2008, I have gotten to work on some of the most exciting projects and innovations in the company, from the launch of X1, to our partnership with Verizon Wireless, to our SEEiT platform which we just launched with Twitter. I love that my job is never the same on any given day. That’s the beauty of innovation. Your job is constantly changing.

Favorite Quote

"He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning." It has served me well!


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