, a young Brooklyn-based start- up technology company, helps non-profit organizations fundraise online.

Su Sanni, CEO and co-founder, learned about Comcast Ventures Catalyst Fund and specifically the DreamIt Access Program through a couple of networking events that were taking place in New York City in 2012 and was accepted into the summer 2013 program. 

In his own words …

"Some of the biggest lessons that I learned from the DreamIt Access Program were things that relate to entrepreneurship in general —for example, having tenacity and hustle when pursuing your entrepreneurial ideas. As an entrepreneur, being able to stay on track and be disciplined and execute on the things you set forth are really key. I think one thing that I learned was maintaining focus and staying tenacious when it comes to the goals that I set for myself as well as for the business.

"Before the DreamIt Access Program, we were definitely a small but burgeoning start-up. My co-founders and I, we literally were working from our apartments in Brooklyn. But after going through DreamIt Access and the things we learned and experienced during those three months, we emerged a completely different company. Not only was our product more advanced and more polished, but we also had over 100 customers that came on board with in that short period of time.

"The program overall definitely changed our outlook on where the company was going and made us stronger entrepreneurs."