Community Impact

Community Investments and Partnerships

At Comcast and NBCUniversal, we empower our communities by investing in local organizations, developing programs and partnerships, and mobilizing our resources to connect people and inspire positive and substantive change.

By the Numbers

In 2010, we established a three-year goal to increase our cash contributions to organizations led by and serving minority groups by 10% year-over-year for each of the three years. Between YE 2010 and YE 2013, we significantly exceeded this 10% annual goal. The company‚Äôs cash-giving to minority-led and minority-serving organizations in 2013 was 106% greater than 2010 levels.

The highest percentage growth of cash giving was for community-focused organizations led by and serving Native Americans and Asian Americans. Investment in organizations serving women, people with disabilities, veterans, and the LGBT community also increased between YE 2010 and YE 2013, and we will continue to expand and grow our connection with these organizations.