Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diverse Programming Distribution

Choices are important. At Comcast, we want to ensure that every customer has access to a variety of programming choices and options that speak directly to their entertainment or educational interests.

One word describes Comcast founder Ralph Roberts: visionary. 

Our humble roots begin in 1963 in Tupelo, Mississippi, where Ralph Roberts purchased a small cable system that would lead, 50 years later, to our current peak at the helm of media and technology. 

Everything we do revolves around providing our customers and audiences with the very best content wherever and whenever they want it. Between YE 2010 and YE 2013, we significantly increased the number of diverse programming choices for Xfinity customers on our digital tier. From films and TV drama series to news stories, music, and general entertainment, Xfinity content remains a leading provider of programming for diverse audiences.

At Comcast, we offer a multitude of channels — and unique network packages — to millions of subscribers with niche interests in multicultural programming. Since YE 2010, we have significantly increased the number of diverse subscriber network instances by expanding our carriage of multicultural networks to millions of households. In turn, not only are we serving our customers, we are also ensuring that the networks we carry impact and entertain more diverse audiences than ever before.

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