The relaunch of in February 2014 marked a significant shift in digital strategy and storytelling.

Since taking control of their digital properties and transitioning from to in 2012, the NBC News Digital team has developed a new focus on original reporting and analysis as well as investments in original video and multimedia. has created a unique kind of multiplatform journalism that is specifically tailored to the online and mobile environments. Whether you’re reading or watching on your phone, at your desktop, or on any other device, is delivering content that’s faster, more visual, and more compelling than anything we’ve seen before. 

In addition, the new site is playing an important role in bringing diverse news to mainstream audiences. It includes a Latino vertical, and NBC News announced plans for a new vertical dedicated to serving the Asian-Pacific Islander (API) community that will debut in 2014. The goal is to back this journalism with the resources of the entire news division and make it available to the broad audience by giving it equal presence and promotion as other sections on the main site such as politics, investigations, or health. This is part of an integration strategy to help the Latino and API sections gain greater exposure, as the coverage will profit from the 44+ million users who visit the main site, rather than exist in a silo. These moves reflect a strong conviction that the best way to change the national conversation is to have high-profile mainstream outlets covering diverse communities on a regular basis.