Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A Message from Our Leaders

At Comcast, we believe in the boundless possibilities of innovation.

A palpable, entrepreneurial spirit fuels our operations and pioneers a forward-looking focus on inventing and perfecting cutting-edge products and entertainment experiences.

But in order to truly realize these possibilities — and, in turn, connect our customers and audiences to the information, people, places, and content that matter most — we need a compass.

Diversity and inclusion is Comcast’s compass for success.

We understand that the key to creating the newest, most-accessible technologies, television programming, movies, and entertainment experiences is maintaining an authentic and focused eye on the diverse communities we serve.

Our acquisition of NBCUniversal afforded us with an unprecedented opportunity to marry content distribution with content creation. But it also provided us with a unique ability to link the best practices of two companies’ diversity and inclusion models. Accordingly, we prepared a plan for diversity and inclusion across the company.

Our Master Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion is our comprehensive road map for achieving optimal diversity and inclusion across our organization. On the very first page of that plan, we assert: "At Comcast and NBCUniversal, our goal is to be the model company for diversity and inclusion."

With this, our Diversity and Inclusion Progress Report, we highlight the significant strides that we have made toward meeting that goal over the past three years. In this report, we provide a broad and public assessment of our company’s diversity and inclusion plans, initiatives, and progress. The facts, figures, and perspectives — from year-end 2010 through year-end 2013 — span each of our five focus areas: workforce, supplier diversity, programming, community investment, and governance.

As we continue to pursue the endless possibilities for our company, following our compass and continuing to pursue a broad diversity and inclusion agenda, we will sustain our connection to our customers, our audiences, and our communities. And it will sharpen our competitive edge, ensuring that we continue to be a global leader, setting the standard for excellence in all we do. 

Brian L. Roberts, Comcast Corporation Chairman and CEO
David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer