Dallas Buyers Club Leading Men Earn Golden Globes for Focus Features

The AIDS drama Dallas Buyers Club, which created award-season buzz even before it hit theaters earlier this fall, secured a pair of Golden Globes Sunday for its lead actors.

Matthew McConaughey won his first Golden Globe as lead actor in the film for his depiction of Ron Woodroof, an HIV-positive electrician and rodeo cowboy who smuggles international medication to the United States to help treat AIDS patients.

Co-star Jared Leto won for best supporting actor for his role of Rayon, a transgender AIDS patient who benefits from Woodroof's intervention.

NBCUniversal was again represented well at the Golden Globes, which aired on the flagship network Sunday, Jan. 12 and were hosted by NBC stalwarts Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler. Dallas Buyers Club itself was up for Best Motion Picture - Drama. Director Ron Howard's Rush, which dropped viewers into the guts and glamour of the Formula One racing circuit of the 1970s, earned a pair of nominations, including one for Best Motion Picture - Drama. Daniel Bruhl, who portrayed Austrian racing superstar Niki Lauer, was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a drama.

In addition to the critically acclaimed dramas, the blockbuster hit Despicable Me 2, from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, earned a Best Animated Feature nomination.