Hitting Technology Home Runs at America’s Favorite Ballparks

Ballparks across the country are utilizing Comcast Business Class Ethernet as the solution to enhancing their operations and delivering a better fan experience. From an old-time stadium like Fenway Park, to a newer venue in Citizens Bank Park, Comcast is proud to be the technology behind many of our favorite sports teams.

Jumbotrons, immediate score and statistic updates and fan engagement are a standard part of the sports experience today, and all require a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure to make it successful. Comcast’s investments, specifically in our vast and flexible high-speed fiber network, delivers ballparks the ability to operate securely and reliably and do everything from powering their scoreboards to processing transactions at concession stands, supporting fan WiFi access and giving the press box high-speed Internet access to post stories, blogs and tweets in real time.

Stadiums and ballparks require incredible amounts of bandwidth to accommodate all of this activity, and they require scalability to meet higher demand during busier times of the season. Members of the media covering games for a broad and passionate fan base need instant online access to research statistics, submit stories, transfer videos and images, and interact via various social media channels. Ballpark staff need to instantly transfer data, photos and video to HD video boards. And at any given moment, thousands of fans may be ordering concessions or connecting with friends through wireless devices.

Over the last few years, Comcast has had the exciting opportunity to work with numerous sports organizations to help solve these types of technology challenges. Our large-scale network and Ethernet Dedicated Internet supports these interactions and then some, and ensures ballparks deliver top-notch fan experiences.

America’s favorite pastime is no longer as simple as manually operated scoreboards and bullhorns, but Comcast is helping ballparks adapt for the future. Together we are hitting technology home runs season after season.