Customer Experience

Comcast Launches COMCAST4U Innovative SMS Text Messaging Features

Comcast is making it easier for customers to stay connected and manage their services, literally putting the answers and tools at their fingertips with the launch of COMCAST4U mobile SMS text service.

An industry first, COMCAST4U (short code 266278) gives customers instant access to many of the most frequently requested account functions and more, using a simple text message from any mobile handset. COMCAST4U also allows customers to sign up to receive periodic alert messages about important service-related information. COMCAST4U even allows users to text a "CALLME" request to have a Comcast customer care representative call them back directly in just a few minutes. 

"We developed COMCAST4U using feedback we heard from our customers, who want more control of their own accounts and service requests, and who have grown to rely on the ease, convenience and immediacy of sending and receiving text messages to get information, entertainment and alerts," said Bill Connors, president, Comcast's East Division. "Then we added innovative features and functionality to take it a step further, so our customers can now communicate with us wherever, whenever and however they prefer."

COMCAST4U is now available at no additional charge to Comcast customers in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, New Jersey and Northern Delaware. It will roll out nationally over the course of the next few months, with most customers expected to have access by the first half of 2011. Customers can easily sign up or deactivate at any time, as often as they like, and can set and manage their preferences from the COMCAST4U portal, located at Users simply register their mobile phone number through a quick and simple process and provide their Comcast account number to complete registration and personalize the services offered. Once registered, customers can text any of the following commands to quickly and conveniently get the information they want.  


  • NOW: Provides a list of what's on TV at that point in time
  • PRIMETIME: Lists that night's primetime TV lineup
  • VOD: Offers highlights of On Demand content
  • SPORTS: Delivers sports schedules and scores
  • CALLME: Places the customer in queue to receive a call back from Comcast
  • BAL: Provides current account balance
  • OUT: Advises if the address is experiencing a known service interruption
  • HIT: Sends a reset signal to equipment
  • NOAPPT: Allows customers to cancel scheduled service calls
  • LOC: Offers the address of the nearest payment center

In addition, by registering for COMCAST4U, customers will receive periodic text messages providing updates and information about their Comcast products and services. For example:

  • Appointment Reminder - provides appointment details 24 hours in advance
  • Payment Confirmation - confirms a payment has been received and posted to an account
  • Service Alert Information - provides information on potential service interruptions
  • Account Due/Past Due - alerts the user when an account is past due or late

Comcast's Ongoing Commitment to Improving the Customer Experience

COMCAST4U is the latest in a growing list of innovations and applications Comcast is making available to its customers as part of its commitment to make it easier and more enjoyable to do business with the company.  Last year, Comcast announced a seven-point Comcast Customer Guarantee (, and launched several free iPhone and iTouch downloadable applications. In addition, Comcast has been deploying the latest and most innovative new technologies and systems to ensure its employees have the most effective tools at their fingertips to assist customers, including a new, automated diagnostic/troubleshooting portal; handheld devices and laptops; advanced remote monitoring tools; "Whole Home" diagnostic checks; and much more. COMCAST4U also represents yet another way a customer may choose to reach and interact with Comcast.

"The launch of COMCAST4U is part of a broader commitment to, and investment in, cutting edge technology that allows for two-way, real-time communications with customers whereby we can monitor our network and communicate any changes, and they can reach out to us to get information and updates on their terms," added Connors. "This is just the beginning. We are already developing the next generation of COMCAST4U text messaging applications which will allow customers to do everything from a search programming options to track orders, or get the name, ETA and even a photo of a technician en route to their home - all from any mobile handset."

COMCAST4U is free to Comcast customers, and Comcast does not charge a fee to use this service, nor does it charge for text messages sent to the Comcast short code (266278) or for receipt of alerts. Standard text messaging rates may apply from a customer's respective wireless service provider. Any Comcast subscriber with an account in good standing in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, New Jersey and Northern Delaware is eligible to register as long as they have a mobile handset with the ability to send and receive text messages (a smartphone is not required). COMCAST4U is compatible with all major providers in the United States, including Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon.

For an interactive demonstration of COMCAST4U, please visit and click on any of the COMCAST4U features.