Comcast Delivers Home Networking the Way Consumers Want It

Comcast Delivers Home Networking the Way Consumers Want It

New Orleans, LA

First CableHome(TM)-Certified Platform Offers Smart, Simple, Solution That Removes Technology Questions - and Replaces Them With Excitement

Comcast today announced the national launch of Comcast Home Networking - the home networking solution designed for the consumer who wants to experience all of the benefits of home networking - without needing to know technical jargon like: router, DMZ or Ethernet versus USB. While "simple home networking" may sound revolutionary, Comcast has made it reality by launching the first home networking platform to be certified under the CableHome(TM) specification.

Comcast, the nation's top broadband provider, helped lead the development of CableLabs(R) CableHome specification, after speaking with consumers and identifying the need for an interoperable platform that would:

  • Enable the cable service provider to manage the technology part of the home networking equation - enabling customers to simply focus on enjoying the experience.
  • Help speed the development of advanced broadband applications and devices for the home.
  • Ensure true seamless integration among these devices.

About Comcast Home Networking

Comcast Home Networking expands beyond simply sharing files and printers - to a world that encompasses gaming, music, streaming video, and more. Installation and maintenance are simple, with Comcast handling set-up, equipment management, system management, and any troubleshooting.

The Comcast Home Networking service package offers enhanced speeds, a wireless home gateway device (integrated cable modem and router), and networking gear for up to five devices in the home. Users can connect PCs or broadband-capable devices, and households can share access to the Internet, files, CD drives and printers across the network. In addition, users can access speeds of up to 4 Mbps downstream and 384 kbps upstream for seamless high-speed access across multiple devices.

Comcast is also working with the industry's most innovative companies to ensure rapid development and seamless integration of new applications and devices to provide the ultimate consumer experience.

Comcast Home Networking - Features and Functionality, From A to Z

A highly intelligent system, Comcast Home Networking is not intimidating, because it comes complete with a host of special features that are intuitively easy to use:

Multiple Connections - With Comcast Home Networking, users can connect up to five computers or entertainment/information devices to one high-speed Internet account.

Increased Speed - Comcast Home Networking offers increased speeds of up to 4.0 Mbps downloads and 384 kbps uploads.

Security - Comcast Home Networking protects devices on the home network in three different areas:

1. From the public Internet, through the built-in firewall that includes NAT (Network Address Translation), to help protect users' IP addresses from the outside.

2. From unauthorized wireless access, by using the wireless encryption protocol (WEP) standard for data encryption. Comcast Home Networking's WEP settings default to the highest industry standard.

3. In the home, through time-of-day parental controls that enable users to: control Internet access for specific users on the network: view Internet activity, and block specific Web sites. Features include: Internet Access Time Limits, Web Site Blocking, and Internet Activity Log. Plus, password-protection helps prevent unauthorized users from making changes to the Feature Set-Up.

Professional Installation - Networking the home is as easy as picking up the phone when Comcast's installation team does all the work. They will even bring the equipment, including the router, with a built-in cable modem.

24/7 Support - Comcast will provide technical support, as well as support for the gateway and equipment. Comcast will replace faulty or defective equipment as needed.

"Comcast Home Networking is a better way to share the broadband experience," said Greg Butz, Comcast senior vice president of marketing. "In speaking with consumers, we learned that many are afraid of home networking and hesitate taking that initial step. We knew we needed to make it simple. And we needed to make it fun. That's why we developed a customized solution that is different from all of the other options currently available to consumers. From the feedback we've received, it's working. There are a lot more Comcast customers having a lot more fun with their High-Speed Internet connection."

Consumers can learn more about Comcast Home Networking at

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