Customer Experience

An Eye for Making the Customer Experience Easier

Meet Kalila, a Senior User Experience Designer working with Comcast's Product Design & User Experience team.

Kalila comes to work every day with one goal: to enhance the customer experience at every touch point. As a member of the Product Design and User Experience team here at Comcast, Kalila is responsible for making sure that all of our products are well designed, easy to use, and fun.  By using an in-house research lab, Kalila and her team are able to observe and gain insights from consumers of all backgrounds to design, develop and refine products that all our customers will love. In 2014, they took home an Emmy for their work on the X1 user interface, a revolutionary entertainment platform that is changing the way we watch television.

Find out more about how User Experience designers like Kalila are helping transform the customer experience by watching the video in the player above.  For more info on how Comcast is reinventing the customer experience, click here.