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Comcast Makes It Easy For Customers To Manage Lighting Preferences Via Voice Commands

The latest lighting technology from Jasco and Sengled will be added to the Xfinity Home Platform.

Comcast today announced that it will soon add two new lighting partners to its Xfinity Home platform, while also enabling new home security and automation commands on its voice controlled X1 television remote. Customers will be able to manage General Electric branded plug-in and in-wall smart switches by Jasco, as well as Sengled’s Element Touch connected LED lightbulbs from their Xfinity Home app. Additionally, customers will be able to say "Xfinity Home lights" into the Xfinity X1 voice remote to bring up the user interface on their TV.

According to a smart home report from iControl Networks, more than one third of consumers said they are likely to purchase connected lighting in the next 12 months. The number increases to more than 50 percent for consumers between the ages of 25 and 34.

"Xfinity Home is redefining what customers should expect from their traditional home security service," said Daniel Herscovici, senior vice president and general manager of Xfinity Home. "By adding Jasco and Sengled to our growing list of curated smart home devices that we integrate with Xfinity Home, our customers will be able to create unique experiences that connect the devices that are important to them such as streaming security cameras, door locks, thermostats, and lights. We can integrate all of these devices into a unified experience on one easy-to-use platform."

Comcast continuously expands its Xfinity Home business by integrating best-of-class third-party devices such as August Smart Locks, Chamberlain MyQ garage controllers, Lutron Caséta wireless controllers and dimmers, and Nest Learning Thermostats, to give customers a single experience that connects and manages their home security and automation needs.

Cameron Trice, CEO of Jasco Products, said, "GE branded home lighting automation is the most popular solution for consumers who want to control and monitor their lighting remotely. Jasco provides the most popular GE branded smart lighting solutions on the market today and we are eager to provide Xfinity Home customers with reliable solutions for their lighting control needs."

Xfinity Home customers can also create "rules" or automated commands that trigger different functions and experiences. For instance, customers can set a rule to turn a light on every day at sunset or every time the front door opens. They can also set a lighting schedule so their home appears occupied while they are not at home or to save energy.

"Lighting is a fundamental part of life, and Element Touch connects lighting with other components of home security and automation for ultimate convenience," said Alex Ruan, general manager of Sengled North America. "It works like a regular light bulb with advanced features like wireless app-control, scheduling, color temperature tuning, power consumption tracking, and integration with third party home automation systems like Xfinity Home to deliver a seamless customer experience." 

Xfinity Home functions are managed with the Xfinity Home mobile app, online portal, and in-home Touchscreen Controller. In addition, X1 customers with Xfinity Home service can use their X1 voice remote to say things like "Xfinity Home Cameras" to see their camera feeds; "Xfinity Home Arm," "Xfinity Home Arm Night," "and Xfinity Home Disarm" to arm and disarm their security system; and "Xfinity Home" to easily and quickly pull up the main menu of commands.