CNBC's Mobile Audience Found to Be Highly Engaged

A newly released CNBC Mobile study shows that close to 60 percent of the network’s mobile audience took action after seeing advertising.

August 27, 2014 – CNBC conducted a comprehensive, multi-platform research study to gain insight into the mobile media consumption and behavior of its highly-coveted audience of business leaders and executives. The 2014 CNBC Mobile Study revealed that this audience is highly-responsive, action takers and wedded to their mobile devices.

"This comprehensive study highlights the increasing value of CNBC’s highly-engaged audience and their appetite for business news content around the clock and across all screens," said Lou Tosto, Senior Vice President, Digital News Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal.  "Mobile continues to be a major focus as we create advertising opportunities for our partners to reach this coveted target of C-suite level business executives."

Key findings of the 2014 CNBC Mobile Study include:

  • The CNBC Mobile audience is always connected. More than half of those surveyed said that they reach for their device as soon as they wake-up and close to three quarters stay plugged in while on vacation.

  • Two in five CNBC Mobile users agree that advertising on mobile platforms shows them information about a product or service they did not know about.

  • The CNBC Mobile audience has the power to influence. More than forty percent talked to someone about something they saw on CNBC and 1 in 4 emailed or texted someone about information on CNBC Mobile.

  • Approximately half of those surveyed have used CNBC Mobile to help inform business decisions.

  • C-Suite executives are heavy consumers of mobile in general. Those executives surveyed use CNBC Mobile while commuting and while at work.

The CNBC Mobile audience uses multiple platforms at the same time. Eighty-one percent of CNBC iPad App users, 72 percent of CNBC Mobile Web users; 67 percent of CNBC iPhone users and 54 percent of CNBC Android App users simultaneously watch CNBC while on their devices.

The 2014 CNBC Mobile Study was conducted in partnership with InsightExpress, a leading provider of media analytics, from March 31 to May 31, 2014. Close to 2,000 of CNBC’s phone and tablet apps and mobile web users responded to a 20 question online survey.