Employee Spotlight

Cindi Hook: Strategy and Finance Meet to Deliver Results

Cindi Hook, Senior Vice President, Comcast Assurance and Advisory Team, talks about her job, developing talent and the Comcast culture.

On Working in Finance:

I got into finance because I loved working with other functions in the business (engineering, sales, marketing, etc.) to help them solve problems for customers and the company in a way that makes sense financially.

On Her Day-to-Day Job:

My job is to lead the Comcast Assurance and Advisory Team (CAAT). Our goal is to be a valued and trusted advisor to the Audit Committee and to management by objectively providing quality, risk-based assurance and consultative services. At CAAT, our job is to improve the effectiveness of business, financial and technology processes and controls. We do this while promoting a culture of integrity, talent development and positive change.

On Developing Talent

While the engagement work that we do is very important, our team is also all about developing talent to send out to the rest of the organization. CAAT affords talented people the unique opportunity to see a wide variety of different parts of the company and how they operate. It is a great way for developing knowledge of the company, strong process skills, honed communication skills and capability around managing risk in business.

On What She Loves:

I love the variety — both in the work and the people I have the opportunity to encounter. I also enjoy spending time on people and talent development — finding talented people, convincing them to join Comcast and then trying to understand their goals and helping them find ways to achieve them.

On Pride:

I love being part of the Financial Management Leadership Program, which is a rotational program at Comcast that enables early career finance and accounting professionals to experience assignments across the company. Seeing our first graduating class all find great roles in the business in August 2012 was definitely a proud moment.

On the Benefits of Working for Comcast

The leadership, and therefore the Company, is always looking to the future to stay ahead of the curve and to shape the industry going forward. It is great to work at a place where the need to grow and change is recognized and the resources are available to make the vision and strategy happen.

On Comcast Culture:

I would describe the culture as a very unique combination of success-driven, humble and family-oriented. It’s not "success at all costs" — it’s "success at the right costs."

On Comcast Founder Ralph Roberts:

It seems when anyone talks about Ralph, they talk about doing things the right way — doing things in a smart way and with integrity towards everyone including customers, employees, and their families and shareholders.

On Comcast in Five Words of Less:

Defining the future of media.

On Why a Recent Grad Might Choose Comcast:

I tell them that they won’t find a better company in a more exciting industry with a more relatable product. If they are looking for somewhere to really build a career and they want a place that is dynamic, changing, never "resting on its laurels" yet is a place that truly values being nice to each other and good to customers, then Comcast is a great place for them. I also make sure they know what they need to bring to the table — passion, flexibility, and their best work and ideas.

On What She Looks for in Potential Team Members:

I look for the "Cs": Curious, Courageous, Collaborative, Communicative, Confident and Competent.

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