X1 Platform

X1 triple-play customers will soon be able to live stream personal video from their mobile devices, over the Internet, directly to the television.

Kids TV

As the leading independent nonprofit dedicated to helping families thrive in a world of media and technology, Common Sense Media helps families find the good stuff - the age-appropriate, quality content.

User Experience

Our user experience team is dedicated to making products our customers love.

Digital Store

Comcast will begin to make MGM content available through the Xfinity On Demand digital store. Xfinity TV customers can own and access movies anytime, anywhere, on any device, often before the DVD release.


From San Francisco to Philadelphia, customers will have more access, home and away, across multiple devices.


At Comcast, we know wireless connectivity, speed and reliability is important to our customers, and to the future of innovation.

X1 Demo

Watch as Charlie Herrin, Senior Vice President, Product Design and Development for Comcast Cable, discusses the latest advancements of the X1 Platform.

TV Everywhere

We understand people want to watch their favorite shows, movies and sporting events on the device that’s most convenient for them – and we’re working to make that experience more comprehensive and easier to enjoy.


X1 users can now watch DVR recordings on devices in the home and download recorded content to take with them on-the-go using the X1 DVR with cloud technology.