Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter joined Brian Roberts, David Cohen and former NFL Coach Tony Dungy, who was recently named a national spokesman for Internet Essentials, at an event at Constitution High School in Philadelphia today to kick off year two of the Internet Essentials Program.

In Philadelphia, Comcast is working with organizations including: Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia, Freedom Rings Partnership, LIFT-Philadelphia, Philadelphia OIC, Urban Affairs Coalition and YMCA of Philadelphia and Vicinity to help spread the word about the program and to provide digital literacy training.

In its first full year of availability, more than 100,000 families — that's more than 400,000 Americans — are now online and Comcast continues to enhance the program with new features and processes designed to accelerate enrollment in the program.

"As our society becomes more reliant on technology, those who aren't connected are getting left behind," said Mayor Nutter. "Bridging the digital divide is not just important for Philadelphia, it is vital. The Internet Essentials program helps achieve that goal by linking low-income Philadelphians to low-price computers and internet service and will continue to do so in its second year."

Coach Dungy stressed the importance of Internet access in how it's changed his own life. "My kids are more qualified than me for jobs today based on the computer skills they have," touting the advances younger generations are making thanks to the Internet and computers. He noted that the Internet is crucial for all children because it enables them to learn in new ways and gives them an educational experience that was impossible before the Internet.

It was an event that reaffirmed Comcast's commitment to working with our community partners to conquer the digital divide.