We listen to you and now our new X1 app for Android does too. Designed exclusively for the X1 platform, the new Xfinity TV X1 Remote app lets customers use their Android devices to control TVs and discover their favorite shows and movies like never before. 

With the new Xfinity TV X1 Remote App for Android - finding something to watch is as simple as saying what you want. Simply tap the mic, state what you'd like to watch and results will appear on the TV immediately. To find a show, simply say "find Game of Thrones" and quickly see when it's on live, what episodes are On Demand, and what you've recorded - all in the same place. If you don’t know when your team is playing say "when are the Sixers playing?" Or to view all content from a particular network or section, just say "show me all NBC On Demand." 

With the X1 platform we are constantly improving the TV experience making it easier than ever to get to your favorite shows and movies. We’re thrilled to be bringing this new innovative technology to the Android community; making it even easier for them to manage and personalize the Xfinity TV experience.

The Xfinity TV X1 Remote App is also available on iOS.

To see it in action, watch Brian Roberts demo X1’s powerful voice commands here.