Xfinity TV takes TV Everywhere seriously. We’ve brought more content to more screens for Xfinity TV customers and they’ve watched more of it than ever before. We brought premium networks like HBO, Showtime and Cinemax to new platforms and devices. We brought the 2012 London Olympics to more devices than ever before. We’ve put TV at your fingertips with our apps both in your home and on the go. And Xfinity Streampix brought past seasons for binge viewers to enjoy, complementing all the great kids shows you can watch live. 

Nowhere is that more evident than in our programming selections for kids. We have all their favorite programs, like Doc McStuffins and Handy Manny from Disney Jr., Dora the Explorer from Nick Jr. and The Wiggles from Sprout. Streampix has classics like Barney and Friends, Bob the Builder, Spider Man and Thomas and Friends. Customers can even watch Disney channels live on 

That’s more than 10,000 choices and 3,000 hours across, Xfinity Streampix, Xfinity TV Player app and Xfinity On Demand. If you’re looking for the best kids content on the most screens, you’ll find it on Xfinity TV. And if you think that’s a lot to watch, wait until you see what we have in store this summer.