Every day, thousands of our customers are using the Xfinity TV app on their tablets and smartphones to manage their Xfinity TV viewing experience, and watch On Demand content on their iPad while on-the-go...so much so that our passionate customers continue to provide us with suggestions on how we can make this experience even easier and richer to meet their needs. We're listening to this feedback, and our work continues at a rapid pace to further enhance the Xfinity TV app. Today we're announcing a new update to the Apple iOS Xfinity TV app that delivers more functionality and personalization, making it simpler for our customers to sort through and gain access to the content they want anytime, anywhere.

This is our third major release of Xfinity TV for iOS since its launch in November, in addition to having recently launched the app on the Android platform. Today, customers can update their Xfinity TV app for free from the iTunes App Store and experience these great new features:

  • Customize TV listings by setting up favorite channels — it's as easy and familiar as simply tapping a "heart" to designate favorites, as you would on your Xfinity TV digital service through your remote control. You can also choose only to display your favorite channels when you're looking for something to watch. A neat aspect of this feature is that the favorites you set up on the Xfinity TV app will also be selected as your favorites on our online entertainment website, XfinityTV.com (and it works the other way around, too!).
  • Change channels on your television quickly with a new, simple channel keypad.
  • Jump ahead to a specific date in TV Listings.
  • Flip through previous channels on the iPhone (a feature that used to be only on the iPad).

Just as exciting, we're also working in conjunction with our entertainment programmers to continue to provide more "Play Now" movies and shows on an ongoing basis; you'll see more of your favorite current season and catch-up content available for free at your fingertips in the coming weeks.

The Xfinity TV app is being worked on every day by a dedicated team of designers and developers who are making sure that tapping a channel on your device makes it all the way through your network, over the Internet, and back down to your set top box in a flash. All of our efforts are focused on delivering to our customers a great cross-platform viewing experience that's unparalleled in the industry.