As you've seen in posts throughout the week, wireless home networks can provide the connected home with many benefits — from cost savings to faster connection speeds. And with devices such as the Xfinity Wireless Gateway, connecting devices to your home network is easy.

Yet, with the number of connected devices in the home expected to grow, some customers would prefer to take the worry out of connecting their devices and gadgets to their home network and hand the technical details over to knowledgeable and experienced specialists. Comcast provides that option with its Wireless Networking plan via Xfinity Signature Support. It's created specifically to help you with the networking support you need, in areas such as:

  • Connecting devices: It's possible that every room in your house could have a wireless-enabled device. And with the holidays around the corner, out of town guests will be bringing in their own devices and will likely want to use your network. All of these devices need to be individually configured to access the Internet on your home wireless network and Xfinity Signature Support can help you with that.
  • Getting optimal speeds: Things that can impact the performance of your wireless network are myriad — location of the router, possible interference from other devices, etc. — troubleshooting connection problems can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. The Xfinity Signature Support team is trained to help you figure this out.
  • Security: The average person today shares a lot of personal information online — whether it's for online shopping, social networking or emailing. A network that hasn't been secured properly can put this info at risk and potentially in the hands of the wrong person. Terms like SSID, WPA2, and encryption are all important to know, but can be a bit too much technical jargon for the average consumer. Our support team is here to make sure your online experience is a secure one.

With a variety of support plans available for purchase, these knowledgeable and experienced specialists are available 24x7 to provide remote support (no need to schedule an appointment) for these and other questions, including total network support for computers, wired and wireless devices; removal of viruses, malware and spyware; and computer tune-ups to help improve speed, performance and online security. Xfinity Signature Support gives you your own personal IT help desk!