We know the world is getting more connected. As a matter of fact, according to a recent research compiled by Forrester and Yankee Group, there could be as many as 234 million connected devices — or six per household — in Comcast's footprint by 2015. That number truly underscores how people of all ages are embracing the digital age.

With this proliferation of wireless devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles, there's a good chance your home is going to be filled with more of them by the time the holiday season comes and goes — either brought in from out-of-town guests who want to stay connected while traveling, or given to a family member as a gift. With the start of the season just weeks away, now is the time to give your home a gift and ensure your family and guests have a great online experience and that you're getting the fastest speeds possible on your connected devices.

Today, I want to introduce you to our Xfinity Wireless Gateway that enables the connected home. Offered to new Blast!, Extreme 50 and Extreme 105 Xfinity Internet customers, the Xfinity Wireless Gateway includes a wireless router at no additional charge, giving today's connected home everything needed to create a fast, efficient and secure home network. From a technical standpoint, the Xfinity Wireless Gateway is a state-of-the-art device that serves as a voice adapter (VoIP), cable modem (DOCSIS 3.0) and wireless router (801.22 WiFi-N). From a functionality standpoint, it's an all-in-one device that gives customers everything they need to connect all of their devices to their Xfinity Internet service. Additionally, it's fully supported as part of your subscription, meaning no more having to worry about purchasing a wireless router in a complicated and confusing market, and no more worrying about maintaining and repairing it.

Customers concerned about the complexity of setting up and managing a connected home can sign up for their own personal IT "help desk" via Xfinity Signature Support. With a variety of support plans offered, customers can call on experienced and knowledgeable specialists for help with any aspect of their connected home — from networking, to virus removal, to software and hardware troubleshooting.

So what exactly is a connected home and how does the Xfinity Wireless Gateway fit into this concept? Any home that uses the Internet to access information, experience entertainment and connect with friends and family can be considered a connected home. And in today's digital world, every connected home is different. Some simply use the Internet to surf the web and check email from one home computer; others connect many devices such as laptops, tablets, gaming consoles or Internet-connected TVs to stream movies, upload pictures and play video games; most of us fall somewhere in between. Regardless of how connected your home is, the Xfinity Wireless Gateway gives you everything you need to create a fast, efficient and secure home network and ensures you get the speeds you need to have a great online experience this holiday season and beyond.