College students love to watch TV. But instead of watching on the traditional big screen, they’re more likely to tune into movies and shows on tablets, smartphones and laptops. In fact, millennials spend 57 percent of their time watching TV on their devices1.

That’s why we launched Xfinity on Campus, a cable TV service that lets students watch live TV across screens. And it’s proven to be so popular among schools and students, that we’ve close to quadrupled the number of participating colleges and universities in less than a year.

Starting this fall, we’ll grow the number of schools from seven to 27, including Dartmouth, Loyola University (Maryland), Yale and more, giving even more students the ability to watch live TV on any device, anywhere on campus.


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So what are students watching? According to our Xfinity on Campus viewing data, millennial students watch live programming almost twice as much as On Demand content (62 percent vs. 38 percent). And not surprisingly, live sports dominate.

Of the top 20 live programs watched by Xfinity on Campus users, half were live sporting events and accounted for 78 percent of total viewing. When students tuned to Xfinity On Demand, they used it mostly to catch up on popular shows like Game of Thrones, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family. Here's a list of the most-watched live streamed shows and events, and here's what the numbers tell us about which Video On Demand shows are watched most.



Later this year, we’ll include the option to add a cloud-based DVR, so Xfinity on Campus students can watch their recordings anytime, whether on campus or on the go. We’ll also transition to a new consolidated Xfinity TV app; providing a one-stop shop for all live, on demand and DVR viewing: students can access their entire line up while on the campus network, and anywhere off campus, they’ll use the same app to stream all TV Everywhere and DVR content over the Internet.

Whether it’s Scandal, The Big Bang Theory or the big game, we want to give students instant access to the content they want – anytime, on any device - and we hope to bring Xfinity on Campus to even more schools this year. At the same time, we’ll continue to create new ways for people to watch the movies and shows they love, and experiment with offerings that attract new audiences.


1. Deloitte’s "Digital Democracy Survey" (April 2015).