When I’m on the couch watching Top Chef, the last thing I want to do is get up to see who’s at the front door or walk upstairs to turn off a light.

Now I can do those things and more, without missing a single blanch, flambé or chop.

With the Xfinity Home App on X1, customers can manage and monitor their home systems from the biggest screen in their home: the TV.  From security sensors and video cameras to lights and thermostats, our platform brings a wide range of appliances, electronics and security technology into one easy-to-use experience.

Without leaving the recliner, X1 customers who have Xfinity Home can:

  • See if the pizza delivery person is at the door
  • Watch the Xfinity Home camera feed and playback stored video clips
  • Turn on the porch light when their husband or wife comes home from work late
  • Check in on the kids and their friends in the basement
  • Arm the home security system when watching a scary movie
  • Adjust the thermostat for the perfect movie-watching temperature
  • Make sure the hair straightener, iron or coffee machine is turned off


Xfinity Home Infographic

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Our new Xfinity Home app on X1 adds even more simplicity and convenience to our smart home platform.  And if you’re like me, it means you won’t miss a minute of "cheftestants" battling it out in front of Padma and Richard ever again.