Getting the household into a routine can be tough, especially with work, school and personal commitments drawing everyone in different directions. Home automation can play a role in helping families get back to their routines and today we are announcing a new series of Xfinity Home "scenes" that instantly set, adjust and coordinate connected devices using our rules engine - "Good morning"; "Leaving"; "Returning home"; and "Good night."

Good morning:
This is your new, whole-home alarm clock. With one tap, customize and schedule the "Good morning" scene so you turn your home into a smart home which turns on bedroom lights, turns off in-door cameras while everyone is getting ready, and disarms your security system when you awake. The setting not only saves you time, but ensures that no one misses the school bus and you get to work on time.

As your family heads out the door, the "Leaving" scene automatically secures your home – just tap it every morning on your way out the door to enable a series of "leaving" rules, including turning on the security system and restarting the continuous 24/7 cameras and also adjusting the thermostat to a temperature that consumes the least amount of energy.

Returning home:
When your kids are about to get home from school, the "Returning" scene can get the home ready for their arrival. As they walk in, your security system will disarm, your lights will turn on and your thermostat will adjust to their desired temperature.

Good night:
Before catching some z’s, the "Good night" scene will help you get your home into a ‘safe mode.’ Once activated, ‘Good night’ can lock your doors, automatically turn off all (or most) of your lights, turn on recording of your 24/7 security cameras and arm your security system so that you can rest worry-free.

These four new home experiences can be customized with just a few taps on the Xfinity Home mobile app (for iOS or Android) and each scene can be activated manually or scheduled to happen at a specific time of the day. Our customers can also add their own personalized custom scenes that fit their lifestyle.

The value of having a home security and home automation system is making it work for you. And so, we created these home "scenes" so you can set it and forget it, giving you more time to do the things you love. We’ll continue to enhance these features and add even more capabilities over time, so be sure to stay tuned.