Globally, the smart lock market is expected to grow from $261 million to $3.6 billion by 2019 and today, we’re excited to welcome the very first third-party lock to our Xfinity Home platform: the Kwikset SmartCode 914 door lock.

With it, Xfinity Home customers can now remotely lock or unlock their doors by using our app on their smartphone, tablet or directly from the computer.

Now our customers can get in and out of their house without carrying keys. They’re also great for those rare (or not so rare) times when you leave your keys at the office or lock yourself out of the house. And you can also use the app for remote locking and unlocking, to let relatives, neighbors, friends, or the dog-walker into the house when you’re not there. The best part is, if you don’t have your phone on or its battery is dead, you can use the Kwikset’s 11-button keypad to let yourself in (the keypad is backlit, so you can even use it at night).


But door locks are just one piece of our Xfinity Home service. Our customers can control their home thermostat, lights, security system, and more. Indoor and outdoor cameras let homeowners check in on their pet during the day or watch the front door to see if a package has been delivered. And between the Xfinity Home app for your mobile devices, the app for the X1 platform, and the Xfinity Home portal inside your house, you can manage settings from almost anywhere.

Over the past two years we've added and enhanced nearly a dozen devices on our Xfinity Home platform and we're looking to add new features all the time.

You can learn more about the SmartCode 914 door lock prices and features here.

We’re excited about this latest partnership with Kwikset. Stay tuned for new Xfinity Home products and partnerships on the horizon!