Yesterday, during our quarterly earnings report, we reported Xfinity Home subscriber numbers for the first time. We are now approaching one million customers, making Xfinity Home, our total home security and automation solution, one of the fastest growing home security providers in America.

Five years ago, in 2012, we launched Xfinity Home and have been on a mission to deliver protection, peace of mind, and the ability for our residential customers to save both time and money using automation and routines.

The founding team, and those that have joined since, are entrepreneurs at heart. We move quickly and pivot as needed to help us grow. Today, Xfinity Home not only offers peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring, but also includes smarter home security features like video monitoring, text and email alerts, and the ability to manage and control core smart home devices from the Xfinity Home app on your smartphone, computer, and Xfinity Home touchscreen.

In addition, our differentiated service enables us to be the only home security provider to offer access and control of your system through your TV with Xfinity X1. Just say "Xfinity Home Camera" into your X1 voice remote and see who’s at the front door on the largest screen in your home.

Last year, we redesigned our core Xfinity Home equipment based on customer feedback and insights gained from our talented team of researchers and designers. These five devices include: the touchscreen, camera, keypad, motion sensor, and door/window sensor. These devices now have a new look and feel with a sleek, angular design, and enhanced capabilities such as higher ranges of connectivity, longer battery life, and easier battery replacement too.

We also created a platform that allows other best-in-class smart home devices to connect and talk to one another, like the Zen thermostat, August door lock, Lutron Caséta wireless controller and dimmer, Chamberlain MyQ garage door controller, GE branded plug-in and in-wall smart switches by Jasco, and Sengled’s Element Touch connected LED lightbulbs. This means our customers can manage and control all of these smart home devices from one platform and enjoy a more useful experience rather than have to constantly juggle numerous individual apps.

We look forward to continuing to innovate and enhancing the Xfinity Home experience for our customers, so be sure to stay tuned for news on even more features and services in the future.

Thank you to our Xfinity Home customers for trusting us and allowing us to serve you.