2017 was another big year for X1 and more importantly, for our customers who love TV. We launched a bunch of new features and enhanced some existing ones, making it even easier for customers to find exactly what they want when they want it on the best screen in their home.  Here is a look back at some of the things – both big and small – that made the X1 experience even better for customers this year:

1. YouTube on X1: In September, we rolled out YouTube on X1, giving customers seamless access to YouTube’s billions of online videos on their TVs with their X1 Voice Remote and integrated within Xfinity On Demand.

2. New Music Experiences: The X1 music catalog is now five times larger than it was a year ago, making it the go-to destination for music listening in the home. This fall, we announced two new online streaming experiences both controllable with voice using the X1 voice remote: the iHeartRadio app on X1 which makes 1,000 radio stations from across the country accessible over the Internet on the TV and the integration of Pandora’s full suite of online features throughout X1 including Premium On-Demand, Ad-Free Plus and Free Radio Stations.

3. Game-Changing Sports Updates: We launched an easier-to-use and more immersive sports guide, featuring  dedicated landing pages for each league including the NFL, MLB, NCAA Football, and MLS, and integrating a real-time score strip, giving sports fans the ability to keep up with their favorite teams and events like never before. Additionally, the integration of the CBS Fantasy Sports App on X1 gave customers the ability to follow their fantasy football team online right on their TV, without having to switch screens.

4. New 4K Content: One year after we launched Netflix on X1 we announced the addition of Netflix’s expansive 4k library to the platform, enabling X1 customers with 4K-capable X1 devices to browse and enjoy Netflix 4K online programming including the recently launched second season of The Crown, Stranger Things and Ozark.

5. New Voice Commands: There was no shortage of updates when it came to voice integration this year, helping customers search and navigate content more easily and faster than ever. New commands include controlling playback of video with commands like "Go back 15 seconds,” "Fast forward five minutes,” or “Pause”; the ability to filter DVR content by saying for example, “Show me kids programs on my DVR”; and the recently launched “What song is this?” command.

6. Voting for 'The Voice' with the X1 remote: We launched a first-of-its-kind interactive experience enabling customers to vote for their favorite artist on NBC’s The Voice on their TV using their X1 remote.

7. Accessibility Enhancements: Adjusting and increasing the rate at which text is spoken when Voice Guidance is enabled and pressing the “B” key to quick launch the full menu of accessibility settings were two new features added to X1 this year. In addition, the ability to turn on "Enhanced Text Readability" in the Accessibility Settings menu was also made available, deepening contrast and increasing font size within the guide. Approximately 10% of customers use accessibility features including customers with disabilities, those who speak English as a second language, kids, seniors, and people with cognitive disabilities.

8. “Free-to-Me" Guide View: We added a new way for customers to filter the live listings guide to only view the channels to which they subscribe.

9. X1 Goes Green: It is now easier than ever for customers to conserve energy and save money on their electric bill as the power saving feature now has an on/off setting that automatically powers down the TV Box when it is not in use. This recently launched feature saves the amount of energy needed to do 50 loads of laundry or brew 452 cups of coffee!

10. Did You Mean? Screen Update and Video Bill: Technically these two features bring our list to 11, but we didn’t want the year to come to a close without announcing some of the new updates to the platform. Customers using the X1 voice remote will now see poster art versus just a list of content when being presented the results of a query. Additionally, we gave customers more ways to access their account information; Video Bill, a short, personalized video that explains everything customers need to know about their bill, is now viewable on X1 and Xfinity.com.