While it’s fun to launch big new features like Fantasy Sports and YouTube, we also know that getting the details right is important and can make or break the customer experience. From launching accessibility settings with the touch of a button to more voice commands and a change in the look and feel of the sports team pages, this latest round of enhancements to X1 is all about making the great features our customers love most even better.

One Step Launch to Accessibility Settings Menu

We want all of our customers to spend less time getting to their entertainment and more time enjoying it. About two million customers today use closed captioning and/or voice guidance, and one of our biggest changes this month is that they can now say "Accessibility" or "Accessibility Settings" into their X1 remote or use the B key to quick launch the full menu of accessibility settings. Customers with disabilities, as well as those who speak English as a second language, kids, seniors, and people with cognitive disabilities who rely on accessibility settings can now choose from and set their preferences faster and more easily.

Voice Commands For Playback Control

With nearly 17 million X1 voice remotes deployed, our customers are leveraging the power of their voice to access their favorite programming. Now, they can navigate through programming with their voice in the same way they do with the controls on the remote, including fast forwarding or rewinding by custom amounts of time by saying, for example, "jump forward five minutes" or "go back 30 seconds." Customers can also use voice commands to start, end or navigate to the beginning or end of a program by simply saying for instance, "play," "pause," or "go to beginning."

Sports Entity Page Refresh

On the heels of our new and immersive sports guide, we’re keeping the momentum going with some visual and data enhancements to our sports entity pages starting with the NFL. Customers visiting the pages of their favorite NFL team will notice more prominent branding as well as newly integrated season stats, in-game scores, team record and standing—all of their must-know information all in one place.