One way we’re redefining how people can experience entertainment is with our X1 Platform.  It’s unlike any other video service that exists today — it makes the TV viewing experience smarter, richer and more personalized. Every member of the family can enjoy its sleek and intuitive user interface, easy-to-navigate guide, apps and On Demand recommendations. It even turns an iPhone into a gesture-driven remote control. If you don’t have X1 in your home, we’ve created a video so you can see how X1 transforms the experience on the living room big-screen TV.

Throughout 2012, we’ve been rolling out X1 to more markets. After we first trialed X1 in Augusta, GA, we introduced it earlier this year in Boston, our first major market launch. Since then we’ve added Atlanta and Chattanooga, TN. And now, we’re pleased to begin offering X1 west of the Mississippi, starting in many of our California markets. The San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno and Santa Barbara are our latest markets where X1 is now available.

There’s no question people are changing how they watch and interact with TV. We want more entertainment and information, personalized for us, that’s readily accessible at our fingertips.  With this in mind, we look forward to further expanding the rollout of X1 to more families in more areas during the months ahead.