In celebration of Earth Day, we’re excited to announce a new power-saving feature of X1, a simple way for customers to "go green" and reduce wasted energy within the home. Put simply, power saver lets customers put their X1s on standby to reduce power usage - to as low as a night light in some cases - without affecting important functions like recording shows or movies or watching them on other devices within the home. The setting can be activated at any time by saying "power down" into the X1 voice remote. Additionally, saying "go green" will let you update your power settings so that the box automatically powers down after a set time of inactivity. Pushing any button on the remote will power it back up in seconds and customers will see a "welcome back" screen telling them how many hours of energy were conserved.

The bottom line is we wanted to design a simple system to manage our devices’ power usage so customers don’t have to think too much about it, but still make a substantive effort to "go green."