My name is Terri Crandall and I work in the Accessibility Department at Comcast. Throughout my life I have been introduced to many different types of people from all walks of life. My passion for helping others began at a young age. My parents had six children of their own and soon became foster parents to dozens of other children, many of whom had disabilities. They went on to adopt my brother Paco and sister Sarah.

My sister Sarah has a visual and an intellectual disability. Her love and courage ignited my desire to help others. As a young adult I worked at Shriners Hospital and worked with brave, understanding children. I learned so many valuable lessons about not letting difficulty shape oneself, and instead embracing challenges and each other’s differences. These kids were my role models throughout my life.

As I became older I went on to adopt my youngest daughter who was born with disabilities. Through her eyes I saw a world that sometimes needed to be modified to help suit the unique obstacles around her. Today I see firsthand how the Voice Guidance features enable people like my sister to have a more vivid viewing experience. With the large button remote control, she does not have to struggle to find any functions. My mother, who had such a limited memory from Alzheimer’s, would have loved to use Voice Control if she forgot what she was watching; I can just imagine her checking back at the programs she had recently watched. I can imagine her using the large button remote when she would not be able to put her glasses on any longer to independently turn to channels herself and not lose this remote.

I love assisting customers with the very features I know impact, and would have impacted those close to me. I love talking with our hard-of-hearing customers through online chat and helping them with setting up Closed Captioning.

What an amazing opportunity we have to be a part of a company that respects all of our customers and wants us to be successful in doing so. I think we are the ones who are truly blessed with how much we have learned by working with these wonderful people with the state of the art equipment that Comcast provides.