Gizmodo called our new Xfinity TV app "awesome." The folks at Mashable were impressed, too, saying that it "adds a real sense of value." We sure like the sound of that.

But what are our customers saying? I took a quick spin around Twitter and found some very happy people. Here are some reactions from around the web:

  • Inna Krislasky wrote "The Xfinity iPad app is so sick. I cannot stop changing channels in all rooms. From another room while playing Xbox."
  • Jef Kalil tweeted "Controlling comcast from my iPhone. My dream of all gadgets in one device! #xfinity app."
  • @Brian92610 said "Um, the new Xfinity TV app for iPad is really freaking cool. Nerd cool, but still cool."
  • David Wilder added "Just set up the new @xfinity app on my iPad & iPhone and it's AWESOME! Bye bye crappy remote. Hello 21st century."

There were folks who felt that the Xfinity TV app was missing something. Ben Boggess tweeted, "New @comcast xfinity app is really well done. Just need to add streaming TV and it's a home run."

Thanks, Ben. We're working on that. Stay tuned for an update that will let you do just that in the coming weeks.

Have you downloaded the Xfinity TV app? Get it here and tell us what you think.