There has been some buzz around our ‘We’re On It’ program and we’d like to clarify a few details.

"We’re On It"– formerly "Make it right" – is a 4-year old program that gives every single one of our 80,000+ employees an opportunity to quickly help anyone dealing with a particularly challenging, unresolved billing and repair issue with their service. A "We’re on it" card includes a phone number to a no-wait customer service hotline, as well as a QR code that takes you to a website that can provide additional assistance.

The cards are available to all Comcast employees– no exceptions – and are used entirely at their discretion. We distribute them to our employees across the country every year. The card is not used to target specific customers or parts of the country … and it does not put people at the front of the line, it’s simply another option to get an issue resolved.

Across the company we are putting a huge amount of effort behind resolving our customer’s issues the first time and giving our employees the tools to get these issues resolved. But, when something goes wrong and we don’t get it right, we want all our employees to have the ability to help fix a customer’s issue wherever they encounter them – whether it’s at a neighbor’s house, or at their kid’s soccer game. It’s just one piece of a larger effort to give all of our employees the ability to help our customers.